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This is a personal blog of my thoughts and experiences as a spousal caregiver to a husband who had a heart attack and suffered an anoxic brain injury. (The brain injury in turn caused Pseudo Parkinson’s, mobility issues, aphasia, dysphagia, and moderate cognitive disorder with short-term memory loss.)

My intentions for the blog are to share our story in hopes of helping others in a similar spousal caregiver situation. I feel alone, even though I know there are many others in a similar situation (who also feel alone!).…so this blog will be a way for us to be “alone” together.

With my hubby’s traumatic medical event has come a dramatic shift in our relationship roles. I search for ways to maintain our physical and emotional intimacy…so this blog will be a way to collect and share ideas on trying to maintain a spousal relationship.

I feel that being a caregiver is a spiritual calling and that it very closely mirrors the Hero’s Journey… so this blog will be a way to collect and share ideas on ways to spiritually bolster ourselves for the journey.   

Everything seems so overwhelming (and I do mean everything!)…so this blog will hopefully be a way for me to process and breakdown some of life’s more challenging tasks into manageable steps and that others can learn from my successes and failures. 

I’m beyond excited for this blogging experience and hope you will come along for the journey!

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